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We are at a digital crossroad with emerging technology outpacing traditional models of success. You need a network of support and a firm understanding of what you can bring to the future. As the Professional Association for Australia’s ICT sector we’re here to help at any stage of your career.

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About ACS

The ACS (Australian Computer Society) exists to advance professional excellence in Information and Communications Technology (ICT). Over 23,000 ACS members work in business, education, government and the community. Its objectives are to further the study, science and application of people and organisations; maintain and promote a Code of Ethics for members of the ACS; define and promote standards of knowledge of ICT for members; promote the formulation of effective policies on ICT and related matters; extend the knowledge and understanding of ICT in the community; promote the benefits of membership of the Society; and promote the benefits of employing members of the Society.

*Terms and Conditions apply. See website for details.

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